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How Can the World of Learning Contribute to the Cultivation of Life in a Global Community?


Dear Reader,

The Cosmopolis Project is a new, informal network of individuals and scholars interested in exploring the relationships between cosmology, worldview, philosophy, myth, and culture — and what the humanities and sciences can contribute to contemporary life.

Named after the ancient Greek philosophical idea of the cosmopolis or “world-city,” the Cosmopolis Project is dedicated to exploring six core values or ideas that we feel are essential for cultivating life in a global community — a global community that would be both ecologically sustainable and intrinsically fulfilling to the human spirit. What are these six ideas? You can read about them here, on this website, in the short article What is a Cosmopolis?

In addition to occasional conferences and publications, we are planning to publish one or two articles a month on this website, and we are now beginning to publish a short monthly update, sent by email, to let you know about our new offerings.

We look forward to staying in touch with you and exploring the ways we can collaborate in the future. We also invite the contribution of short articles and book reviews to this website, and will be publishing some contributor guidelines in the near future. Like the articles published in the journal ALEXANDRIA (of which the Cosmopolis Project is an outgrowth), we are looking for pieces well-grounded in research and scholarship, aimed at an intelligent, general audience.

This website will be expanding substantially in the coming months, and we’d like to stay in touch. If you are interested in our work, and the types of topics explored here, please subscribe to our newsletter. That way we can stay in touch and let you know about the latest news, articles, and updates, which you might otherwise miss.

With best wishes,


David Fideler, PhD

David Fideler is the editor of Alexandria: Cosmology, Philosophy, Myth, and Culture and author of Restoring the Soul of the World.